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tailor digital services

Digital Strategy

& Planning

Brand Identity & Design 

From building brands, aligning missions, organizing consistent short and long term goals, plus constructing websites and marketing materials for over 6 years. TDS is here to provide growth with easy obtainable goals that will increase profitability. Doing this by understanding the audience you want and strategies to ensure you're advertising correctly to promote YOUR brand. Tailor Digital services are here to TAILOR to your company and your vision. 


Social Media Creation, Scheduling, and Leads

All Analytics, including 


Marketing Materials



Objectives & Goal Tracker

1:1 Training

WIX Expert

Meet Taylor, CEO 

Entrepreneur: Creative Specialist, Best Selling Children's Author, Mom, Motivational Speaker, Vacation Rental Owner, and Philanthropist.

Digital and content strategist with 6+ years of experience building online communities and brands for non-profits, start-ups, and large companies, as well as tools and discounts for entrepreneurs.

Experience including Rick Anthony Athletic Foundation, TDS, and Shift my own start-up and charity, that have provided tools and resources to over 150k people. 

Tailor Digital Strategies TDS: is here to make an impact. 

Tailor Your Journey



As of right now, I do not advertise my clients. There is such a fun environment with allowing my clients to take the red carpet. I have worked with small and large corporations, and individuals. I will provide my disclosed client list upon request. 


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Phone Number: 720-903-5329  |  Email: chat@taylordarnell.com | Houston, TX

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