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Brand your company to YOU and the rest will follow

Taylor Darnell-Sibal


Tailor Digital Strategies is an unconventional branding platform that covers brands from fertility agency in Miami to a billing agency in Houston - and everything in-between. Encompassing style, design, and professionalism. 


We explore the things entrepreneurs care about from a place of openness with the conviction that a rebranding can literally be the turning point for these companies and bring them success with us managing their brand, advertisement, and marketing. The most empowering thing you can share in this realm is honesty of your point of view AND the ability to show up for these clients like it was your own growing company. 


The 2020 Associate process is currently open, please apply here if you are interested in being considered.


Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you see yourself fitting in, and what you would hope to get out of the experience. Plus add in how you would deal with a client if they sent back a "No" on a marketing goal you think would benefit them in the long run and would allow them to extend their contract with us?


  • love design

  • want to work remotely. would prefer a Houston candidate but willing to review. 

  • be professional 

  • be ready to learn

  • help in day-to-day needs such as invoicing

  • want to work part-time and grow [with] team