3 Steps to a Smoother Launch

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

When working with and on different start up ventures here are the first 3 things I find to ensure a smootheeer launch.

FIRST: competition. Before I even get into the real intentions of the product / service is there any competition? If so, how will your product ensure individuality that would allow your audience to choose YOU over them. If there isn’t, how can you secure uniqueness when competition does come. It will, haha.

SECOND: audience. Before I even get into intentions I want to discover the target audience. For some this step is down the road but really from that immediate moment of, “this is what I want to build” you have an idea of the target audience. So it’s best to research ASAP. Understand if you’ll be hitting them correctly, if not tweak your strategy, use this as a tool when building.

THIRD: brand. Yes, still before I get into intentions I want to start the brand. I’m telling you RIGHT NOW your brand is everything. It’s more than a name, it’s more than a look, it’s more than a vibe. It’s encompassing who the company is as a whole. Start by taking notes of who, what, & why you want to hit that audience and be unique from the competition/future competition.

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