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Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Skyla Homes has a solid platform on Amazon. Plenty of reviews, good pricing, and the type of products any mom of an up and coming toddler or a toddler would need. I bought the most amazing cabinet magnetic toddler locks.

Easy to install, keeps my year old safe and I decided to post about them for other moms looking to make their house toddler friendly, safe, and won't cause an eye-sore.

Having already followed Skyla Homes on Instagram and Facebook I knew the family friendly company they were. Always looking to cheer on parents and help when needed. Not to my surprise when I posted they were there to cheer me on.

Here is the part that a lot of people miss. When a company reaches back out to you with enthusiasm of your post, don't give them a like for the response. Engage.

ENGAGE ENGAGE ENGAGE - not because it will lead to something but by giving time to products you like, you can feel confident in the products you buy.

Skyla Homes is now a partner that I work closely with. They have provided me with the most amazing safety equipment for my house, from their table corner guards to the most amazing backpack I feel is on the market right now.

I am such a proud partner and buyer of Skyla Homes. Every single item I have purchased and experience I have had with them has exceeded my expectation in a brand.

When you are building your brand, be more like Skyla Homes. First be confident in the work and product you are advertising and do not be shy to ADVERTISE! Then know your audience, and start building a solid relationship with your audience. This will increase your profitability - that's just a fact. Not because more people will KNOW you - which is true - but because they will feel like they aren't just a follower, a number to you, but an actual person who without your product or work wouldn't be profitable.

Now if you are on the other foot and you are just starting out with a blog and looking for partnerships the first step is to also ENGAGE. Start trying to get comfortable being vocal on social media, advertise yourself as a blogger by being open, honest, and knowledgable in what you're talking about. If you find a brand you love to buy, engage with them and if a correct fit you'll be able to feel confident and trustworthy to your audience.

This is an affiliated sponsored post with Skyla Homes. A brand I am extremely proud to be in partnership with. Here are a few of their products that I love:

Magnetic Locks

Table Bumpers - triangle

Table Bumpers - round

Best Backpack Ever

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