How to Make a Logo

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

So you've started a company, or you're in the works. DUN DUN DUN it's brand time. You have decided to take this on by yourself, I applaud you. Some initial thoughts might be... What's my brand? How do I even formulate a brand that will be impactful? I have to choose colors?

Been there - done that. Let me tell you, taking the first step to even consider what your brand, heck what A brand is, shows you're ready to really give this entrepreneurial journey a try.

First let's start with LOGOS!

What all needs to be considered? Theme, color, font, font sizes, design. The list goes on.

Let's begin with the most simple aspect to designing your logo.

YOUR NAME! Say your company name is "LOGO" have fun with it but stay simple, not so simple that the entirety of your logo is essentially a banner but simple enough that its 3 of these things:

• Legible: I don't know who needs to hear this, but make sure your potentially customers, your community, can read what your company is

• Colors: personally, I'm either simple with a solid background and an awesome art design or colorful with a simple font design. Use colors that aren't blinding and if you're debating if they clash - they probably do. Again, stay simple!

• PNG: save your logos as PNGs whatever you do. Don't have Adobe? There are many softwares or designers that can do this for you, it's important. It allows for you to use your image on everything from marketing materials to websites seamlessly.

In 5 seconds can your potential client understand what you do by your logo? If not, sit back, reevaluate, and always know you can ask for help! I'm here for you!

So our pretend company name was LOGO remember? Here I made one!

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