Make the Strides

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Keeping up with objectives is not easy. It takes time, dedication, and grit. Especially in the hard times where you seem to be doing everything right... Hitting your target audience on advertisements, making good numbers on your social media, and even getting more than normal website views. But even then you aren’t making many click to clients.

This is what I call ”you’re showing up but your audience forgot“ they showed up on your page, they like what they saw and either - they don’t have the funds, they put you on pause, or they simply forgot.

So what do you do next? You make MORE strides. And sure, at this point, you probably feel like the amount of strides you take are beating you down. BUT I’m serious keep on striding.

Ideas for strides:

  • automated promo pop-up (no, not the email type) the really wow promo you can give after they’ve visited your site twice.

  • social media giveaway (not the type that you have to like, follow, and comment) the one where they easily go to link in bio and input their email. Now you have a point of contact. Hurray!

  • email campaigns that DO something. What’s a DO? Provides information, the kind that leaves them wanting more. The next email. Not the ones that you have to click to click to click for more

These are easy strides that lead to trust, lead to more, lead to clicks.