Mentorship is Important

A friend from high school is looking to start a business and reached out to me for information on starting. It was so fun getting to hear the questions and being able to give a

helping hand. It was also a pat on my back, because I want to be a resource!

Why me? I’ve started a successful company, a nonprofit public charity, wrote a best selling children’s book, turned side hobbies into revenue, have 2 applications underway, helped countless others in their business, and know what to do to help create passive income. In our conversation I was asked “how-tos” which I’m not afraid to answer. Sharing isn’t taking away from my business, it’s building relationships and being an asset. Which is a win!

After the conversation it got me thinking. Starting a business takes work, most of the time on top of a full-time job you already have. So I’m going to give 2 hours out of my week to be a mentor. I’ll give you a simple outline of to-dos, review and critique your start-up ideas, and be a friend that aligns and understands your goals to help bring them to fruition. If you’re on your journey but need a mentor visit my website, tell me about your business, and let’s do this. I only have the ability to take on 3 businesses to ensure allocating quality time to each. Even if your business is a dream, we can focus on objectives to make it a reality.

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