about us.

Founded by Entrepreneur,  Best Selling Children's Author,  Mom, Motivational Speaker, Vacation Rental Owner, and Philanthropist Taylor Darnell-Sibal. This business was made thoughtfully to benefit new start-ups and existing businesses

You can find out more about Taylor here. But as for Tailor Digital Strategies, this company encompasses more than one person. It's entrepreneurs, leaders, and evolution of thought.

So what does that really mean about us? Our team is a one-stop-shop. Do you need advertising? Do you need marketing? Do you need SEO? We are here. Not because we want to be all of these things, but because at our core we are entrepreneurs that know when you are making the efforts for your business the last thing you need is to scavenger around for the right business to fulfill what you need.

Brand your company to YOU and the rest will follow

Taylor Darnell-Sibal